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Natakhtari" Engadi " L.T.D ( Nabeglavi )

აი-სი-ი-ეს Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
აი-სი-ი-ეს Description: Integrated Building, Dry Stores, Offices
აი-სი-ი-ეს Area: Stores 2000 Square Meters- Offices 1800 Square Meters
აი-სი-ი-ეს Performed work: Projection, Construction Supervising

Engineering solution of the Industrial building “Engadi” Ltd (Nabeghlavi) was worked out by ICES Ltd. According to the client’s  request, compact and low-budget project was developed, analogies of which are used in different aspects of industrial sphere including heavy industry as well as food production.

Warehouse area of the building is made by metal framework, office and production area are bult with reinforced cocrete. Sandwich panels are isntalled on the total area of bulding.

ICES Ltd supervised and closed the project, which was developing in accordance with the forecast.



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