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ProjectsProduction of frozen fruits and vegetables in Natakhtari
Projects Cold store for Lilo customs and logistic center
Projects Cold store for fruits in Gori
Projects " Populi " Production and warehouse facility
Projects Logistic center in Donetsk ( Ukraine )
Projects Barambo
Projects Foodservice
Projects Sante
Projects Philip Moris
Projects Milenika
Projects Nabeglavi
Projects HeidelbergCement ( Georgia )
Projects Didube Market
Projects Brewery " Mirzaani "
Projects GTCI
Projects M - Service
Projects Georgian Fruits & Vegetables
Projects Hypermarket "Goodwill"
Projects Dry Storage (Aktau. Kazakhstan)
Projects Manufacture of electro-mechanization in Batumi
Projects "kanti" Ltd. Cold storage for keeping meat
Projects Supermarkets of "Smart"
Projects Basketball Hall

NatakhtariGTCI LTD

აი-სი-ი-ეს Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
აი-სი-ი-ეს Description: Supply and installation of racking systems
აი-სი-ი-ეს Area: 1000 Square Meters
აი-სი-ი-ეს Project Duration: 7 days


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